Edwards Lifesciences LLC

One of the numerous projects we have completed for this repeat customer was in Area 5 where we installed various HVAC and plumbing systems.

The HVAC part of the project consisted of the installation of a Building Conditioned Air transfer and general system, including the installation and relocation of AAON roof top units with new curbs. The team also installed new low-pressure supply and return air duct downstream of the mechanical units. In addition, new controls on the dryside equipment were installed and commissioned. Finally, new exhaust fans and humidifiers were installed per plans, with a full test and balance completed for this project.

The plumbing system update included a complete culinary water and DWV system being installed per proper building code with new natural gas piping, compressed air, wetside controls and black pipe being installed in the building per plans. In addition, multiple wash stations, quick disconnects, mop sinks, eye wash stations, floor drains, water heaters and water softeners were installed for this turnkey project.